The UNEP MAP Newsletter

The UNEP MAP Newsletter

MEDNEWS 05/2023

launch of the European Blue Forum Brest, 26 May 2023

The European Commission invites you to register for the European Blue Forum Launch event on 26 May 2023 in Brest, France.

We are creating Europe’s Blue community as part of the European Blue Forum – a community of different users of the sea, passionate and committed to working together to deliver bold and ambitious solutions to our shared challenges of nature and climate change.
The event will provide a platform for everyone, whether part of a large organisation or not. Regardless of how well established the sector or topic you work on is, you will be able to share your priorities, challenges and ideas and contribute to building a common and united path towards the vision of the sustainable blue economy…


The Commission recently published an assessment of the marine environment monitoring programmes reported by the Member States. The assessment, together with a detailed report by the Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), gives an overview of where, how often and what is monitored under the Marine Strategic Framework Directive (MSFD). It identifies gaps in data and areas monitored, and draws recommendations to improve the monitoring of European seas…

Map Employment in the established blue economy

This map provides information on employment in the established blue economy which includes the following main sectors: marine living and non-living resources, marine renewable energy, port activities, shipbuilding and repair, marine transport and coastal tourism. Explore the map and click on the countries to open windows with additional information on employment by sector and the evolution of employment over the past years…

Istanbul Environment Friendly City Award: application deadline extended to 30 June 2023

The deadline for application for the fourth edition of the Istanbul Environment Friendly City Award (2022-2023) has been extended to 30 June 2023. This is your chance to put your Mediterranean city on the map and earn recognition for achievements in the field of urban sustainability…

Environmental Info-Day – UNEP MAP Coordinator, Tatjana Hema, meets virtually the students at the high school in Rome

As part of the Pathways for Transversal Competences and Orientation (PTCO), INFO/RAC has promoted the training pathway “A lesson in environmental governance: discovering the actions for the Mediterranean Sea and its coasts” addressed to the students of “Liceo Ginnasio Torquato Tasso” high school in Rome…

How the textile sector is accelerating a global transformation towards sustainability

The climate realities we face collectively are a result of design. ‘Fast fashion’ traded trends for long-lasting waste and pollution to precious water, soil and airways. The good news is that the tide is changing: more and more people are realising their power to design the transformation toward a sustainable future, especially in the textile sector. The MedWaves-supported Eco-innovators On Board campaign introduces some of these leaders who are blazing a way forward; navigating new routes in textiles for sustainability…

Facing What We Barely See: Innovative Solutions to address Chemical Pollution

The challenge of addressing toxic chemical pollution can be daunting. Preventive approaches make it possible to address the hidden dangers of plastic and chemicals lurking in everyday products. Embracing the circular economy is how we shift to sustainable consumption and production. Our new video: ‘Cutting out toxicity: how can we do it in a circular economy?’ illustrates how we can Grow from What We Know and make important decisions for the health of people and the planet…

VISIT | Dr Mohammed Ismail, Representative of PERSGA/ EMARSGA to discuss ways for future synergies between the two Centers

The Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC) has received the visit of Dr Mohammed Ismail, Representative of the Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment of the Red Sea & Gulf of Aden (PERSGA/ EMARSGA) on 28-29 March 2023 for a bi-lateral consultation on maritime environment conservation and Pollution Prevention and Preparedness

UFM annual report

The challenges facing the Euro-Mediterranean area amid the post-pandemic recovery, the climate emergency, and the geopolitical crises in the region have called to act together and with more resilience than ever.

The 2022 Annual Report highlights the UfM contribution to these regional efforts, resilience and sustainability are enhanced throughout the region. UFM launched three renewed regional strategies, focused on employment and labour, on women’s empowerment, and on research and innovation…

Life call

On April 18th the following LIFE call were published:

Nature & Biodiversity and Circular Economy & Quality of Life deadline 07 September 2023
Climate Governance and Information deadline a 21 September 2023
Climate Change Adaptation deadline 21 September 2023
Circular Economy, resources from Waste, Air, Water, Soil, Noise, Chemicals, Bauhaus deadline 06 September 2023
Nature Governance deadline 06 September 2023
Nature and Biodiversity deadline 06 September 2023
Environment governance deadline 06 September 2023
Climate Change Mitigation deadline 21 September 2023